Starting from the very motive behind joining Amal Academy, while I was scrolling my NewsFeeds I suddenly come across the Advertisement of Amal Academy. I researched the facilities that they are providing it really meet with my needs and that’s how I applied for Amal Academy.

  1. What was the instance that had the most impact on you?

Before joining Amal Academy I used to have a lot of Public speaking phobia, I was having Zero confidence moreover I use to hesitate while presenting anything in front of even friends. After joining Amal Academy I’ve overcome this demerit of mine to a level that today I can even talk to a Major Entity without hesitation. Secondly, before any exposure to Blog writing, I use to think that writing blogs will be a big thing, and it's not my cup of tea, but after having 2 sessions and attending 2 online courses I’m so good at writing blogs.

2. What about this incident made you think about yourself and the way you see things around you?

As I mentioned earlier, before joining Amal Academy my mind use to stuck with some thoughts. I never tried to solve problems in a way I can solve now and it's all because of Amal Academy’s learning, our PM, and PA’s dedication and hard work.

3. What about this incident made you think about yourself and the way you see things around you?

I did not use to participate in extracurricular activities and I was so curious about it that why I can’t participate like this or that person. This question constantly thinking about my mind and led me to the conclusion that I should have a course for that for which I applied to Amal Academy.

Completing the Edhi funds collection was a big challenge but as Amal Academy provides us the guidelines to deal with people so it went really good and we as a Team collected about 15k.

4. Looking back, how do you think you would do things differently?

After all the learning from Amal Academy, I’ve overcome the Phobia of Public Speaking to a certain level. I can now better present my idea without hesitation. Secondly, I can now do better in solving problems and give constructive suggestions at least.

On a conclusionary note, I must say that the learning I gained from Amal Academy is very practical, it showed me how to Lead, how to manage time, how to solve a problem, how to gain confidence, how to deal with prime entities of society, etc. I’ll really miss Amal Academy.

Co Founder and Business Development Manager of SOCH/ Disaster Manager/ Blogger